Rosemary and Time is based on a true story .  Set in Yorkshire England in the late 1970's with flashbacks to 1941, the play follows the lives of two woman working side by side in a school infirmary who discover a startling truth about one another. As the play unfolds, they unearth secrets from the past and come to terms with ghosts , old relationships, and time.  The production at Paradise Theater featured an all female design and production team, as well as the talents of 7 actresses.!

Rosemary and Time

By Jennifer Fell Hayes

Paradise Factory Theatre Main Stage


"Rosemary and Time makes you think about family, hard times, and surviving them...Kathy Gail MacGowan directed this with such compassion for all the characters."- Eva Heinemann, High Drama

Under the direction of Kathy Gail MacGowan, the staging is very clean and orchestrated wonderfully."- Anthony Piccione, OnstageBlog

Director Kathy Gail MacGowan takes "Rosemary and Time" and focuses on the importance of relationships...MacGowan has taken the time to pull out the nuances from the script and fully realize them with her company"- Michael Block, Theater In The Now

photos by  Gerry Goodstein